Planning toolbox – Good practices

About Toolbox

The development of Toolbox is the fulfilment of the need developed during the first two years of the project’s operation under WP 3.3.

WP3 is about spatial planning on a local level and utilising existing scattered information and knowledge about geophysical conditions and land-use. The impact of agriculture on water quality is mainly formed outside the growing season by the nutrients transported by the drainage waters of the field parcels, which undermine the ecological status of recipient water bodies.

After the project Partners gathered good practices in the BSR area ready for duplication, there was a need to catalog and present them.

The WATERDRIVE consortium decided that it would be best to put these experiences on one website, using a readable search engine to present them.

The implementation of this task was undertaken by the Pheno Horizon team led by Małgorzata Grodzicka-Kowalczyk and Maciej Kowalczyk. We invite You to find out details about the solutions.

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