Broadening the perspective

Leadership from a systemic and holistic perspective

This Leadership Manual gives some guidelines on how to think and approach complex, collaborative and cross-sector local water management. One has to emphasise that there is not one method or one approach that fits all purposes and situations. Each leader has to find their own way forward, but there are some values and principles that will help them ask the right questions. 

Figure 10 summarise some of the most important success factors in one model. In different phases you have different focus, but all need to be taken care of. From anchoring among stakeholders and existing policy context and making sure that supportive structures are in place to enabling qualitative social interaction, designing and facilitating the work. 

Figure 10. Success factors for collaborative multi-stakeholder processes.

Each leader will have their own preferences and style. By learning from experiences and the ones you work with, it is possible to make progress not only in water management, but also in leadership progression. Such journey is worthwhile, but not always straightforward.

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